Review of Terminator

Another silverlight based game at the excellent site: Mashooo

The Terminator game had a good feel to it, and an excellent menu that blocks you from going to levels before you are trained, which is a good thing.  The initial level felt like it could have been a road rally, frogger, etc. which would have been a little basic, but the designer managed to pull it off.image

Why?  The designer and builder(s) stuck with the story of the level, soldier/terminator jumps out of helicopter and falls through the sky.  You vary the speed.  Controls are using the arrow keys, always a plus in my opinion.  The game has a good life and score bar, if a little small, I would add the ability to press the m key for it to enlarge.

I will definitely go back and play this game a few more times.  Although I liked DotKiller better, that is more a personal preference than with the capability of the designers.

Overall I would rate this game as:
Addicting: **** out of *****

Fun: **** out of *****

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