Silverlight Games: Seriously, using Photosynth

imageTake a look at the NASA-Silverlight announcement about the use of Photosynth ON MARS, that’s pretty serious!  Well I have to stay focused on the PMP, Appendix Cancer game, but once I am done with that one, I definitely am going to work on a Mars Based game!  Maybe using a new development language F#.

Ok, in the previous, I did a very high level design document that discussed the audience or the people who would play the game, in th e post--Silverlight Games: Seriously

The PMP cancer impacts the ability of the patient to be able to digest food and causes other problems that are quite serious.

On the bright side, for the design of a serious game, the PMP cancer occurs in the intestines, which are tubes.  There are good components that move in the body that are twisted to evil purposes by the cancer and there is floating through the mucous membranes (or medically similar surfaces) that the avatar can move through.  All of this is EXCELLENT!  Why?  Games are easier to design that allow us to work in tubes, that allow floating, and have good versus bad cells.

Of course, the game is presenting a serious problem, but now we have a way imageto describe the problem using common terms.  Tubes, bad versus good cells, and movement can be done via floating.  We can do battle tables, boss battles and so forth.  It beats having to utilize the medical terminology, as you can see in the flow chart.

Now we need to get started. 

First off, can we use an image as a map for our game?   Can we target specific color pixel to keep our game pieces in place?  Next post.

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