Great video about creating Silverlight graphics

image Found a great video about creating your own pixel shaders and other graphics tools using Silverlight 3.0. Head over to, use the Zune Video, it will play in your Windows Media player, for some reason the WMV link isn’t working on May 9, 2009.  You can find the code for this great demo at: Video of "Deep Dive into SL Graphics"

Just got back from the ACM Foundation of Digital Game Cruise and it was great!  More in future posts.

Got some great ideas about game stories using Silverlight.  But for now, if you want to view really lame Flash games, check out the Star Trek Movie site, as absolutely awesome movie, and games so lame why play them.  The use of Flash games on the Star Trek movie site is truly using 20th century technology in the 21st century.  Silverlight is so much better for the developer, with the ability to use the programming language I want, not just Actionscript, but rather any of the .NET languages.  Silverlight was designed from the ground up to be multi-browser, multi-OS, where as Adobe just recently modified the aging Actionscript and Flash to function in browsers on multiple OS.  Silverlight is tight with XML via the XAML tools and through the Visual Web Developer Express, you can develop full commercial games for no cost to you.  If you are a student you can get Expression through Dreamspark or MSDNAA.

Get up to speed, learn Silverlight and build games.  I am working to create a series of coherent posts (how unusual) that will lead you to building and posting your first game.  It will take a couple of weeks, but stay tuned.

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