The mystery of the “Copy Website Button” and Website menu item is solved!

52518mysterysolved2120imomx4.jpgThe case of the “Copy Website” and the Website Menu item gets more mysterious.  WTF you might say, or you might say: “Sam you are always having problems with Microsoft stuff that doesn’t work quite the way one would expect”. 

Ok, say what you will!  I continue to view videos that show a menu item in Visual Web Developer “Website” and the copy Website button.  But when I bring up a Silverlight project, it doesn’t show up.  However, when I add a website, in this case a file based website, I find out that the copy website button shows up, as well as the Website menu item.

Is this good design or confusing to end users?  The designer team at Microsoft has to make design decisions, just as you will eventually, adding the “Website” menu item and then disabling or “graying” it when it isn’t needed adds clutter to the screen.  Personally, I think that I would disable and keep it clearly present, but I am a random person.  I think that you can see that the designers at Microsoft, whether right or wrong, made a decision that could cause confusion for a part of the audience that is using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Version.

Now that this mystery is clearly solved, we can move on to building some games.  As you can see, I am very concerned that you don’t get lost at anytime.  I try not to make any assumptions about what you know.  Let me know if I miss something.

Finally, in the previous post, both of the videos are great and accurate, but you need to know that the Website Menu items and “Copy Website Button” only appear when you are in a mode to need it.  I hope you will keep a journal about your design thoughts and discuss with yourself about whether or not hiding these items is a good idea.

Note that there is no Website Menu item

When I click on the website the Website menu item shows up and so does the “copy website” button at the top of the Solution Explorer.

Umm, is that good design?  A beginning programmer might not catch this, and it is a possible bad experience.

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