The mystery of Visual Web Developer Express 2008: Where is the copy web site menu or button?

Mystery Ok, random posting in case you are keeping track, but it does have something to do with both Silverlight, ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer Express 2008. 

After all you might be asking yourself: “WTF, Silverlight Games has WHAT to do with Visual Web Developer? UMMM?  Sam, you are soooo random.”  To that I answer: “Life is random, if you want slick than you are at the wrong blog.”

Here is the mystery: I have been reviewing a number of videos, both by Microsoft PMs as well as other videos and instructions found around on the web.  My goal was to use these videos to get people up and running with Visual Web Developer Express 2008, Silverlight and so forth.

So I viewed many well meaning videos, and most were well done.

For instance, Jacqueline Russell, does a great video on how to use Visual Web Dev Express 2008, and I have a great deal of respect for her, except that the video mentions the mysterious “Copy Web Site Menu”, as well as the equally mysterious “Copy Web Site Button”.  Neither of these exist.  They did exist in the beta and they do exist in Visual Web Developer 2005, but not in 2008.  Don’t bother to look for them, not there.  To fix Jacqueline’s error, and the rest of her video is great, see the video posted directly after it (or above in the blog) by Joe Stagner.  Is it me, or does Joe have a great delivery and voice for webcasts?  . 

So as a result, I am working on a video that shows you how to use the Visual Web Developer with Silverlight and how to post it, but I don’t seem to be able to get all of the pieces to work together.  Major Bummer.  Stay tuned.  I really like double  animation in silverlight, it’s cool.

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