STEVE WOZNIAK: Dancing with the Stars or Silverlight 3 Avatar?


I had a nightmare and Steve Wozniak was dancing in it.  No wait a minute, he was on TV dancing with some good looking woman.  The ‘Woz is a good hearted guy and all, plus he has got the people phoning it in for him.

Now what does this have to do with Silverlight, I noticed on the “Dancing with the Stars” website that you could design a dance.  The way you designed a dance was to vote for the female dancers and then vote for the male dancer, big deal, I thought that they would have made everyone use Labanotation and then the dancers would have followed the notation that resulted from the entries. Silly me.

What if you could create a designer that viewers would use a form of notation that would then drive animation and then the live dancers would eventually dance one of the audience selected dance designs. Now that could be interesting for a different audience components.

Back to Steve Wozniak Dancing with the Stars, if the ‘Woz wasn’t such a big hearted guy he definitely wouldn’t have made it this far.  I think that Steve Wozniak is a great guy.  Now, I think that the masses would never have picked him to be a dancer, I sure wouldn’t have. 

Just thinking about the physics of moving him around compared to the female dancer that is his partner, might blow up the farseer physics engine.

Oh and if I am be completely random, I just finished James Blish’s “Cities in Flight” for the fifth time, another great source for a movie.

File this blog entry as: Random thoughts

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