MVC: Ok, now I DO have a solid framework

image Chris Swain has a great entry on Silverlight games and connecting to existing ASP.NET applications:

Chris also discusses how to use the MVC in his well documented Tank Wars at this site:

Not game related but a good example of a blog that explains things, I got some ideas while reading it:

Now I can begin to put together a process where a true beginner can get started with designing online games.

With the release of the MVC add on for ASP.NET, we have a reasonably high level way to implement Silverlight games.  Oh sure, I have been somewhat random, but my goal has been to be able to lay some processes and videos that will not only benefit your career (if it isn’t doing game design) it will be fun and something you can maintain.

Take a look at these links, you may need to noodle around a little, but we will get started with design and coding soon. 

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