MMOG: Silverlight solutions?


Using Silverlight to build a Massively multiuser online game, (MMOG) what would a specification, less the play and fun.

Physics Engine:

First of all, you need a physics engine, and I would recommend the Farseer Physics Engine, this engine is well designed, and the designer does a great job in upgrading and working with others.  The engine is also available on Codeplex, make sure to check out, there are samples on doing physics with no coding.



Need scoring, high scores, and the ability to persist the scoring, this is usually added as the game is developed.



Got to generate terrain, any ideas?  I have found a few terrain engines and I am working through if they are usable, if you have any ideas, links, etc. please post a comment!



This is initially a persistent XML serialization, but that would be hard to maintain and for users to build new interfaces and game play.  Later a decision to use a scripting language like python, ruby, etc. might be considered.  Items such as error checking and rejection of badly formed scripts would like be required by some sort of automation.



Chat system required, how to implement this, would voice be a good idea initially?  Use of Live services via Azure might be a benefit, what do you think?


Server operation and maintenance:

Some system of maintaining servers is needed, my goal would be to experiment with the use of Azure Services.  This would allow easy increase and decrease in services

Well that it’s for today, we can start playing around with code in the next blog entry.

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