New Addition to Windows Phone Quickstarts- Pivot and Panorama Controls

Windows Phone 7 includes Panorama and Pivot controls that you can use to display controls and data and navigate through them using their built-in swipe and pan gestures.                              To help you understand these controls we have added a new quickstart to our existing Windows Phone quickstarts collection- Panorama and Pivot Controls. This quickstart provides an overview of…


Start-to-Finish Guidance for Windows Phone 7 Application Development

If you are a C#/.NET developer who wants to learn the basics of phone application development using Silverlight, check out our new end-to-end guidance and sample application: Building a Windows Phone 7 Application from Start to Finish Fuel Tracker sample application This guidance does not assume any Silverlight or phone development experience, but it takes you…


The January update to Windows Phone Developer Tools available now!

A new version of the Windows Phone Developer tools is now available on the Download Center. Among other things this update: Enables cut and paste in TextBox and PasswordBox controls and text fields of the WebBrowser control Enables you to test copy and paste functionality in the emulator Provides a tool to test for phone…


Windows Phone 7 Design Tips: Navigation, Tombstoning, and Data Loading

When you start learning a new platform, the documentation can only take you so far. The Windows Phone 7 docs are great, but when you start developing your first application, you will inevitably run into issues that the documentation doesn’t cover. We are creating the Fuel Tracker guidance application to help people through this process….


Windows Phone 7 Design Guidelines – Cheat Sheet

One of the tasks I am trying to accomplish as I write the documentation to accompany the FuelTracker project, is to incorporate the design guidelines and certification requirements where they are pertinent. As a side effect of this effort, I’ve generated this little “cheat sheet” of various design hints and app requirements gleaned from these…


“Fuel Tracker” Guidance Application – Drop 3

As Cheryl blogged last week, she and I have been working with a team of others to develop a Windows Phone 7 guidance application. This application demonstrates how to address several common challenges as prioritized by customer support issues, questions, and feedback. Our goal for now is to provide an application one step up from…


Give us your most challenging Windows Phone 7 application development tasks!

Recently I’ve been working on a cross-group effort to create some content for getting folks started with Windows Phone 7 development. The team working on this project are myself and Karl, another writer for Silverlight, some test resources, part of a developer resource to act as a consultant, plus a program manager to run the…