Silverlight 3 Offline CHM released!

Download the MSDN offline docs for Silverlight 3 here. The CHM is nice if you’re offline plus it’s faster than the online content, has an index, and only contains Silverlight content. The plan is to update this CHM at the end of every month, so stop by when you want to download an update.  Please post…


Silverlight 3 has Released!

WHOOT! Here’s some links to get you synced up: – Scott Guthrie’s Silverilght 3 kick off announcement- What’s New in Silverilght 3- Get Started (e.g. get new tools, SDK, runtime, tutorials, other links)- Breaking Changes (good to read if you’re migrating older apps to Silverlight 3)- Offline Silverlight 3 MSDN Documentation- Online Silverlight 3 MSDN Docs


Silverlight Hardware Acceleration

Caching visual elements as bitmaps allows you to take advantage of hardware accelaration. Once an object or tree of objects has been cached as a bitmap, it no longer goes through the render phase as the application refreshes, rather, the cached bitmap is rendered. The cached bitmap swapping is able to take advantage of hardware…


Breaking Changes Document Errata (Silverlight 3)

This blog post lists additions and corrections to the Silverlight 3 Breaking Changes document. Like the breaking changes document, I’m splitting the errata into three categories– Breaking Changes since Silverlight 3 Beta, Breaking Changes since Silverlight 2, and Upgrade Breaking Changes. See Silverlight 3 Breaking Changes document for more information on these categories Breaking Changes since…


Silverlight 3 Bugs

Below is a list of Silverlight 3 bugs you might run into. The plan is for at least most of these to be fixed at some point in the future.  Cross-domain XAPIf you are loading a XAP source file from a cross domain location, (that is loading the XAP from a location other than the server…