Fuel Tracker sample application for WP7 now in Visual Basic

I’m happy to report that the Fuel Tracker sample is now available in Visual Basic as well as C#. Additionally, we have fixed several small issues that various people have reported, one of which prevented the application from working correctly when running under the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta. The accompanying documentation has not yet…


Start-to-Finish Guidance for Windows Phone 7 Application Development

If you are a C#/.NET developer who wants to learn the basics of phone application development using Silverlight, check out our new end-to-end guidance and sample application: Building a Windows Phone 7 Application from Start to Finish Fuel Tracker sample application This guidance does not assume any Silverlight or phone development experience, but it takes you…

Windows Phone 7 Design Tips: Navigation, Tombstoning, and Data Loading

When you start learning a new platform, the documentation can only take you so far. The Windows Phone 7 docs are great, but when you start developing your first application, you will inevitably run into issues that the documentation doesn’t cover. We are creating the Fuel Tracker guidance application to help people through this process….


Creating a Custom Out-of-Browser Window in Silverlight 4

Silverlight 4 extends the out-of-browser feature to include support for window customization through the Window class. What this means is that you can turn this: into this: Okay, so that’s not necessarily much of an improvement, but you get the idea. Basically, this feature lets you draw the entire window area yourself. You have complete…

Source viewer added to the Silverlight SDK sample browser

The Silverlight SDK sample browser lets you explore all the live samples used by the official Silverlight documentation. In the past, the source code for the samples could only be found in the documentation. Now, however, you can view the source directly from the sample browser by clicking a new button in the header section….

The Silverlight Documentation Sample Browser

The Silverlight 2 documentation includes many live samples. However, you can access these samples only from a topic with a “run this sample” link. The best way to find the samples in the Silverlight 2 documentation is to do a search on “run this sample”.   For the Silverlight 3 beta release, we have improved…