Creating a Page Turner Silverlight Application Using Popfly

Popfly, which requires Silverlight 1.0 Beta, provides a PageTurner block that allows you to easily create a photo album in which you use the mouse to turn the pages. No programming is involved. The “Coco’s Day in the Snow” sample uses the PageTurner block: Creating a Popfly MashupYou can create a Popfly mashup by selecting…


Animation Using Keyframes and Splines

Animation is very useful in creating graphically rich Silverlight applications. This posting illustrates the use of several types of animation in Silverlight, including key frames and splines, in order to simulate a bouncing ball. The Zip file,, contains all the files used for this sample. You can also run the Silverlight application by clicking the…


Using Opacity with a Silverlight / Virtual Earth Mashup (Remix)

Opacity is a very useful property for creating graphical effects in a Silverlight application. This is particularly true when creating mashups, in which you overlay custom content on other Web content. This posting illustrates the use of opacity in a Microsoft Virtual Earth mashup that allows you to display selected landmarks in New York City….


Downloading Fonts Using the Downloader Object

The Downloader object is a special-purpose Silverlight object that provides the ability to download application data, including fonts. You can download either a single font, or a collection of fonts that are contained within a package, such as a Zip file. Note: The previous content of this post has been removed because it is out…


New and Revised Conceptual Topics in the Silverlight SDK

The Silverlight 1.0 Beta introduces a number of new features, such as inking and video brushes, as well as additional functionality to existing features, such as improved text formatting and manipulation, improved support for the Downloader control, and improved features for working with media and animations. To help sort out what is new in Silverlight,…

Converting a WPF/E Application to a Silverlight Scripting Application

Drag and drop is a very useful feature of interactive content. You can easily add drag and drop support to your Silverlight control by implementing simple event handlers on mouse events. I showed how to do this in an earlier blog posting using the Feb 2007 CTP — WPF/E Drag and Drop: Coco’s Dress Up…