New Addition to Windows Phone Quickstarts- Pivot and Panorama Controls

Windows Phone 7 includes Panorama and Pivot controls that you can use to display controls and data and navigate through them using their built-in swipe and pan gestures.                              To help you understand these controls we have added a new quickstart to our existing Windows Phone quickstarts collection- Panorama and Pivot Controls. This quickstart provides an overview of…


Start-to-Finish Guidance for Windows Phone 7 Application Development

If you are a C#/.NET developer who wants to learn the basics of phone application development using Silverlight, check out our new end-to-end guidance and sample application: Building a Windows Phone 7 Application from Start to Finish Fuel Tracker sample application This guidance does not assume any Silverlight or phone development experience, but it takes you…


Silverlight 4 Documentation on MSDN, and Favorites/bookmarks

The MSDN Online documentation for Silverlight 4 is now live: If you have been looking at the documentation for the last 6 months or so, you may be used to seeing two entries in the MSDN Table of Contents at this spot: one for Silverlight 3, one for Silverlight 4 (Beta or RC). Now,…

Source viewer added to the Silverlight SDK sample browser

The Silverlight SDK sample browser lets you explore all the live samples used by the official Silverlight documentation. In the past, the source code for the samples could only be found in the documentation. Now, however, you can view the source directly from the sample browser by clicking a new button in the header section….


Search problems with the Silverlight 3 beta documentation

If you have used the Silverlight 3 beta documentation on MSDN, you might have noticed that none of the new topics or APIs appear in search results, regardless of whether you are searching with MSDN or another search engine. This is intentional – none of the Silverlight 3 beta documentation has been indexed for search,…


The Silverlight Documentation Sample Browser

The Silverlight 2 documentation includes many live samples. However, you can access these samples only from a topic with a “run this sample” link. The best way to find the samples in the Silverlight 2 documentation is to do a search on “run this sample”.   For the Silverlight 3 beta release, we have improved…


Silverlight RC0 Offline Documentation Download

You can get the RC0 offline docs here. Using this file you don’t have to deal with the delay of online browsing and when you do a search, you are only searching in Silverlight content.  One tip: If you are running Vista you might run into an issue when you open the CHM (the CHM…