Breaking Changes Document Errata (Silverlight 3)

This blog post lists additions and corrections to the Silverlight 3 Breaking Changes document. Like the breaking changes document, I’m splitting the errata into three categories– Breaking Changes since Silverlight 3 Beta, Breaking Changes since Silverlight 2, and Upgrade Breaking Changes. See Silverlight 3 Breaking Changes document for more information on these categories Breaking Changes since…


Silverlight Breaking Changes Between Beta 2 and Release (Updated Document)

As Silverlight RC0 and release come out, you will likely run into some breaking changes in your Beta 2 or older applications. The MSDN docs and SDK that is about to release has a breaking changes doc that lists most of these changes; however, due to these docs locking down, they are already slightly out…


WatermarkedTextBox Control Removed for Beta 2

Just a quick note that one of the breaking changes from beta 2 was that the WatermarkedTextBox control was removed. To find out why and how to work around this breaking change, check out Kathy Kam’s blog WatermarkedTextBox for Silverlight 2 Beta 2.  – Sam


DataGrid Control Beta 2 Changes

  The DataGrid Beta 2 breaking change list came in a bit too late to make the official documentation. We’ll add that for the next doc refresh, but until then, you can see the DataGrid-only breaking changes list here, or the complete, updated list of all breaking changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2 in Word…


DataGrid Beta 2 Breaking Changes

This topic discusses the changes made to the Silverlight DataGrid control between the Microsoft Silverlight 2 Beta 1 and the Beta 2 releases. The changes discussed in this article are focused on changes that might cause your older Silverlight-based applications to now fail or behave differently, not on new features/enhancements for this release. For more…


Breaking Changes for Silverlight 2 Beta 2 (corrections and additions)

With Silverlight 2 Beta 2 coming out there were a number of changes that will break applications written for older builds of Silverlight. We published a document that listed these changes and how to fix them (Breaking Changes Between Beta 1 and Beta 2) but this document is now a bit out of date due to…