Silverlight 5 has released! The docs are up and a .chm is available

Silverlight 5 has released! Here's the link to download the Silverlight 5 tools.

Silverlight 5 offers many new features including:

For a detailed list of the new features see the Silverlight content on MSDN, specifically, the What's New for Silverlight 5 topic.

If you prefer your docs offline, here's the link to download the .chm containing Silverlight 5 docs.



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  1. Hi! Do you know about issues with Silverlight 5 Tools and Windows Phone 7.1 SDK? After I've installed Silverlight 5 developer runtime, I was unable to get designer working with my WP7 project. Also, some sites with silverlight contents was not rendered at all. Do you have feedback about this or the runtime released is know to be stable?

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