Windows Phone Mango release and we want your feedback!

The Windows Phone Mango updates are going out to handsets, and the RTM version of the Mango SDK is now available. In addition, the Marketplace is now available on the web. Check it out here.

You can get the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK from the download center. In addition, the docs and samples have been updated and finalized for this release as well. You can check out all the docs here. If you are just getting started building apps for Mango, you might what to check out the What's New in the Windows Phone SDK.

As we look forward to future releases, we would really love your feedback about the documentation and samples. Visit the Windows Phone Documentation UserVoice site to give us your feedback and vote on issues.

Thanks and enjoy!


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  1. Samsung Taylor says:

    Are Samsung Taylor devices really getting Mango update?

  2. chris says:

    Everything seems to be complete except.. 1. seperate volume control for Zune and ringer,  if radio or music is playing while a call comes in watch your ears..2.the ability to custom color and background text is a must for poor eyes when texting and reading texts and emails…3 being able to resize the tiles would be a nice addition. 4. the ability to set the background for gmail and other email account other than white.5.speech to text needs a definate upgrade,

  3. John says:

    The Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit has absolutely no documentation, the development environment is unstable and the app versioning mechanisms are archaic.  I feel like a Microsoft QA tester, are you people idiots?

  4. Utkarsh Choudhary says:

    I am deeply disappointed to see that there is no native video calling in mango OS. I had bought HTC Radar today only and when I  found this, I was shattered. Please do see to this issue. Reply on utkarsh121(at)gmail(dot)com if possible.

  5. Mahesh says:

    If MS needs to sell WP to 1/6th of the worlds population – the Indians, it should allow media (photo, song, video) transfer over bluetooth and default search engine setting in IE (to set it to Google, Bing is simply unknown here).

    Indian TV shows highlighting this as drawback. And yep, they seriously are.

  6. Mahesh says:

    TV show highlighting these as drawback:

  7. plarusa says:

    WP7 phones are not competitive.

    – Not prominently displayed on carrier stores

    – Limited storage (16GB)

    – No SD card support

    – Slow phone release schedule

  8. usama says:

    the phone is not up to the mark …. i think you the capability to compete and beat anroid so please update some new softwares and games pleasee its a serious request … thanks

  9. usama says:

    please update atleast bring some intresting launcher for windoes …..

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