Mango Beta2…get it while it’s fresh!

The Mango Windows Phone Developer Tools Windows Phone SDK Beta2 released today (the tools have been renamed to SDK). With the beta2 release you will see some additions to the tools like the Isolated Storage Explorer, improvements to the profiler and emulator as well as numerous updates to the docs. You can get the Mango beta2 tools on the download site, and see the changes to the documentation on MSDN.

Additionally, if you are already a registered Windows Phone developer, you should get an invitation to install the Mango bits on one registered device. You can see the details of this on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.



Comments (7)

  1. John says:

    With 500,000 Android devices activated every day and Microsoft's pending abandonment of Silverlight and .NET in favor of HTML5 and JavaScript, what's the point of Mango again?  Seriously, if WP7 is the only platform that'll still use Silverlight and .NET, how long can we expect that to last?

  2. Marc Roussel says:

    Again another guy that say Silverlight dies or replaced by HTML 5 Laff !

  3. Tanner says:

    I somewhat agree with John. When is MS going to implement Silverlight on other devices? Flash can be seen on more platforms than just Windows and Mac. A company as big as Microsoft (much bigger than Adobe) can't push its product to other platforms? Why don't you start with Linux and tablets? HTML5 can't replace Silverlight. That's not going to happen. Plus, would we rather spend hundreds of hours on HTML5 or much less time on SL? This is a productivity issue – something that all developers want resolved.

  4. Se3ker says:

    I too agree, its all switching to HTML now, team released "datajs" library recently which they were making for couple of months, instead they should given us

       Enum support

       Spatial data type support

       Stored Procedure support in Code First

       Migration support in Code First

       Customizable conventions in Code First

    this is a clear hint where other teams are going too.

  5. leo says:

    Yeah, havent you heard, MS will also re-write the whole kernel in javascript., yeah they will scrap everything just to safisfy the haters and .Net Framework ? BS ….  they will also be scrapt alltogether with over milion of developers just to have now a godalmighty.js  that will replace it all …. actually they may give up on win32 altoguether and c++ over phyton … havent you hear that one either?

    I can't deal with this stupidity anymore !

  6. Mike says:

    .Net being dumped in favour of HTML 5? Is this a new kind of nonsense??

  7. Bob says:

    It's all about MS-Dos thats the new thing! Heard it here first!!

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