Fuel Tracker sample application for WP7 now in Visual Basic

I'm happy to report that the Fuel Tracker sample is now available in Visual Basic as well as C#. Additionally, we have fixed several small issues that various people have reported, one of which prevented the application from working correctly when running under the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta. The accompanying documentation has not yet been updated, but will be in the near future.


Karl Erickson
Silverlight User Education

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  1. Otaku says:

    Thank God! For a long time now, VB.NET has felt like a second class citizen to curly quotes and semi-colon languages. It's good to see at least someone in MSFT still cares about VB.

  2. Mark says:

    Actually, sample code is available in VB and C#.  Now where is that Delphi Prism example 😉

  3. Good point, Mark. Some people might not be aware that it was originally available in C#. I added that to the post to make it clear. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to wait quite awhile for the Delphi Prism version.  😉

  4. Dale says:

    it's about time. it seemed VB.NET was tombstoned back in the pre-historic era when the dinosaurs were still alive!. I'm glad that some certain individuals at Microsoft still place this programming language on the same level as C#.

  5. Ani says:

    VB.net is alive!

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