Silverlight 5 Beta has released…Get the chm!

We’ve got apps, and we’ve got chms. Well, more specifically, a chm for Silverlight 5 beta.

To start, you can check out what’s new for Silverlight 5 beta. In addition to the new 3D support, there are many great additions to Silverlight for the SL5 beta release.

Next you will probably want the Silverlight 5 Beta Tools for Visual Studio 2010.

Last but not least, get the Silverlight 5 CHM.

Comments (9)

  1. Pooran says:

    Printing with printer name pre-selected and access to just the printer list not the printer properties is one feature I am eagerly looking forward to in Silverlight 5.

    We are building a huge LOB which needs printing directly to printer without someone selecting a printer. This is a huge, believe me it is really huge bottleneck for our application as of now.

  2. David says:

    Some people just don't think, if you don't select a printer, visiting a web site will cause your printer to spit out hundreds of adds

  3. Finally x64 browser support!  I have been waiting for this day for a looooong time.

  4. Ed says:

    Great news about Silverlight 5 beta!

    Bad news – wrong initial feature set!

    I need in-browser access to Word and Excel.  I ONLY build LOB apps.  Yes, it's in the feature set of SL5, but I need it now.  

  5. I hope in a much better font support!

  6. Jenya List says:

    I don't see x64 support in the beta…. Am I missing something?

  7. @Ed – support for trusted applications (which can access Word and Excel) inside the browser is available in the SL5 beta.

    @Jenya – x64 support is not available in the beta.

  8. Dave Hemminger says:

    was not able to find anything new for Sketchflow. Anyone aware of anything new for that?

  9. @Dave: There is nothing new for Expression Blend (and Sketchflow) yet. For more info, see

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