Silverlight 5 Beta Breaking Changes

There are currently no breaking changes for Silverlight 5 Beta to report.

See also Silverlight Versions and Version Compatibility.

Comments (5)

  1. SL dev says:

    the title uses a very accurate adjective, BREAKING changes – so true…

  2. theTruthisOutThere says:

    … no breaking changes but one: Microsoft is turning away from it. Invest in something much more reliable: Java, Linux, Tomcat and Dojo!

  3. Kaktus says:

    theTruthisOutThere, are you stupid?

  4. ProfessorX says:

    There are quite a few breaking changes.  Particularly, in the 3D stack.  (Simple example: DrawEventArgs lost its GraphicsDevice property.)

    Can you provide a list of breaking changes?  It would be most helpful as I've already been digging around a bit to try and 'fix' my 3D engine since upgrading.

  5. Tabby says:

    My Silverlight connection keeps becoming "unresponsive".  It would be lovely to know what to do about it so I can watch Netflix without interruption.  Any suggestions?  I looked at the Silverlight "menu" and there were no update for my Silverlight 5.  

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