Binding to Dynamic Properties with ICustomTypeProvider (Silverlight 5 Beta)

Silverlight 5 Beta introduces a new ICustomTypeProvider interface that enables data binding to objects the structure of which cannot be known until runtime. This is a common problem when you work with data in any format from databases to metadata or XML files to JSON objects. New attributes or new columns can be added over…

Silverlight 4 Documentation Updated

The Silverlight 4 documentation has been updated–both online MSDN docs and the offline CHM.  The CHM is Silverlight only and is great for fast, offline access.  Online Silverlight 4 MSDN Docs Offline Silverlight 4 MSDN Documentation There are numerous tweaks and small changes to the docs, but here are a few of the new and updated topics:…


Silverlight 5 Beta has released…Get the chm!

We’ve got apps, and we’ve got chms. Well, more specifically, a chm for Silverlight 5 beta. To start, you can check out what’s new for Silverlight 5 beta. In addition to the new 3D support, there are many great additions to Silverlight for the SL5 beta release. Next you will probably want the Silverlight 5…


What’s new in Silverlight 5 beta? 3D graphics support!

Happy Silverlight 5 Beta day! The biggest additions to Silverlight 5 are certainly the support for GPU accelerated video and 3D graphics and the SDK team has been hard at work trying to get samples and documentation together for today. If you’re a developer, after downloading the Silverlight 5 beta runtime, SDK, and developer tools, you’ll…


Silverlight 5 Beta Breaking Changes

There are currently no breaking changes for Silverlight 5 Beta to report. See also Silverlight Versions and Version Compatibility.


Attending MIX 2011? There’s an app for that!

If you’re planning on attending MIX 2011 conference in Las Vegas and if you own a Windows Phone, check out our new Conference Helper app for Windows Phone 7, that we just released to the marketplace. Conference Helper is a free app. You can get it either by searching in the marketplace or by downloading it…


Windows Phone 7 XNA Game Tutorial For Ya

The Microsoft game folks just released a tutorial that will guide you through the creation of a two-dimensional action game – called Shooter – on Windows, Xbox 360, or Windows Phone 7.