Silverlight for Windows Phone [VIDEO]: Quick App for Push Notifications (Uses Windows Azure)

Hey Silverlight people!

So I just uploaded a video that takes you from from zero to an Azure-hosted, push notification-sending web service and an accompanying phone app in 19 minutes.

1) Do you want to see how to send/receive every kind of Push Notification that there is for Windows Phone?

2) Do you want to know the certification rules and usage restrictions involved with using Push Notifications for Windows Phone?

3) Do you want to see how to make a web service and consume it in a Windows Phone app?

4) Have you been meaning to try Azure but thought it would take MORE than 90 seconds to learn how to publish on it?

If so, look no further; the answers to all these and more are inside.

Click here to download the source code used in this video.


Comments (2)

  1. Dragan says:

    Excellent tutorial (content + video format) !!!

    You saved me a lot of time on my project.

    Thank you!

  2. @Dragan: You are very welcome. I'm glad to hear you like the format, as I have other videos that use it. Short and sweet is the way; I was inspired to be the antithesis of the hour-long lecture that goes through code in real-time and doesn't edit / speed things up. In fact, I think the "rambling odyssey" that greets many tech video watchers is why it's not a more popular format.

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