Updates to the Windows Phone docs

We recently made a refresh of the Windows Phone documentation and samples. We’ve updated several samples: Background Agent Background Transfer Service Quick Card Search Extensibility We also added the following new sample that shows how to use types in the NetworkInformation namespace to get the network status of the device, mobile network and other information….


Muted audio even when the playback rate is set to a supported audio playback rate

Silverlight 5 supports multiple playback rates. When the playback rate is set to a rate that does not support audio playback, audio will be muted. If playback is reset back to 1 or to any value that supports audio playback after multiple rates that don’t support audio/pitch correction playback, the audio could still be muted. To…


Don’t forget about the databinding features of Silverlight 4 that you get with Mango!

If you are a Windows Phone developer, there are some properties offered on the Binding object in SIlverlight 4, which is supported by Mango. Thse properties were not offered in Silverlight 3/Windows Phone OS 7.0. The SL4 binding properties make setting up control bindings much easier and help you avoid using a value converter in many cases. You can…


Silverlight 5 has released! The docs are up and a .chm is available

Silverlight 5 has released! Here’s the link to download the Silverlight 5 tools. Silverlight 5 offers many new features including: PivotViewer control Trusted applications in-browser 3D graphics Vector printing Improved text rendering including the RichTextBlock control. Hardware decode of H.264 media For a detailed list of the new features see the Silverlight content on MSDN, specifically,…


Tip for Using HyperlinkButton or Hyperlink in Silverlight for Windows Phone

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to use the HyperlinkButton control or the Hyperlink type in your Silverlight for Windows Phone applications, I have a tip for you. In Silverlight for Windows Phone you must always set the TargetName property to a value for the control to successfully navigate to the URL specified by NavigateUri when the…


Windows Phone Mango release and we want your feedback!

The Windows Phone Mango updates are going out to handsets, and the RTM version of the Mango SDK is now available. In addition, the Marketplace is now available on the web. Check it out here. You can get the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK from the download center. In addition, the docs and samples have been updated…


pInvoke in Silverlight5 and .NET Framework

One of the new features in Silverlight 5 RC is the ability to call native code including Win32 APIs through platform invocation, or pInvoke. The technology itself is pretty well-known and it’s been in .NET since version 1.0. Here is one of the tutorials for .NET that explains what pInvoke is about. So instead of…

Silverlight 5 RC support for application-restricted media

Application restricted media (ARM) is new feature in Silverlight 5 RC that enables content providers to ensure their content under digital rights management (DRM) is consumed only by Silverlight applications they authorize. This enables experience protection of DRM’d content, which is particularly useful for media that contains revenue-generating ad content. To enable ARM for an…


Silverlight 5 RC has released!

The SL5 RC has released and you can now download the tools here. This is an exciting release and brings many new features to Silverlight. Following are just a few of the new features. You can check out more details in the What’s New for Silverlight 5 topic on MSDN. PivotViewer control, which adds support…


Get the tools and submit your Mango apps!

Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RC is now available. You can use this version of the tools to create Windows Phone Mango apps and submit them to the marketplace. You need to uninstall previous versions of the tools before installing this version. These tools enable you to create Mango-targeted applications that include all the new Mango features….