Inspire Improvements to Windows Phone Documentation

We are doing a study to see how we are doing with our documentation.  Your input will inform and inspire improvements and new features for developers.
We’re looking for developers who

  • Code at least 20 hours per week
  • Are employed as software developers
  • Do not have a degree in user experience or usability
  • Have NOT worked for Microsoft in the past 5 years (including CSG and v-)
  • Do not have development experience with the Windows Phone 7

 To participate, contact
We also encourage interested participants to fill out the survey at

Comments (5)

  1. Justin James says:

    I meet all of the qualifications except the last… I can tell you from current experience (I've written three small apps) that the documentation is really bad. The #1 biggest mistake, is that all of the examples, all of the information is based around the code behind scenario, while everyone who's been around for a while says to use the MVVM patterns. So for someone new to the platform (like myself), the documentation teaches worst practices!


  2. HadesMR says:

    The documentation is so much worse than the (really great) WPF documentation…

  3. Javed says:

    where can I find the documentation?

  4. Hey Justin – I'm a PM for developer guidance.  I'd love to talk to you more about your experience.  If you have the time, send me a note on how I can contact you at margp (at) microsoft (dot) com.

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