You haven’t been to Tech-Ed until you fill out the User Education survey!

It's a little known fact that you have not really "done" Tech-Ed until you fill out the "Visual Studio and .NET Framework Library Content Survey". I'll be here at Tech-Ed all week attending sessions and spending some time hanging out between the Silverlight and Patterns and Practices booths in the exhibition hall. I hope to gather your insights on how you use the docs, or don't use them, or whatever. The User Education team in Developer Division really values your feedback. So please, if you see me, feel free to say hi and ask for a survey. Also, I am here with Margaret from the WPF User Education team. You should be able to find Margaret at the WPF booth with surveys as well. If you don't get a chance to fill a survey out here in New Orleans, you can fill one out online.


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