Avoiding Uninstall/Reinstall when Debugging Out-of-Browser Apps

Every few weeks I muck around with an out-of-browser application with the Silverlight 4 Beta.

Every few weeks I have to look up what I need to do to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling my out-of-browser application every time I debug.

Since I’m one of those people that remembers things once I write them down, I thought I would blog about it. The steps are simple.

1) You’ve created your out-of-browser app by clicking the checkbox on the project properties page:


2) Run your application once and install by right-clicking the app and selecting Install appName onto this computer…


3) Now, in Visual Studio, open the project properties window, click the Debug tab and select the Installed out-of-browser application radio button:


3) Finally, in Solution Explorer, set your Silverlight out-of-browser application project as the start-up project.


What could be easier? Now just hit F5 and you are ready to rock and roll every time you debug. Hopefully now that I’ve written this down, I’ll remember it.


Comments (2)

  1. rob_houweling says:


    Is there going to be a fix for debugging Silverlight 3 OOB apps in VS2008 x64?

    Or do we have to wait until VS2010 is released?


  2. Hunt_hts says:

    Nice hint!

    Unfortunately this does not work for RIA projects since the web host project must be the start-up project 🙁

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