Have you checked out the new RichTextArea control?

Silverlight 4 Beta includes a new RichTextArea control. RichTextArea enables you to display or edit rich content and has features like:

  • displaying hyperlinks
  • displaying inline images or other UIElements like a Button
  • Read-only mode
  • Selection APIs
  • Formatting text at run time

Creating a RichTextArea is  simple, it is similar to creating any other control in Silverlight. You can set content in a RichTextArea using the Paragraph element (the content property itself is Blocks, which in turn is a collection of Paragraph elements).

Here’s some sample code that shows you how to create a RichTextArea with a paragraph and some bold text.


<RichTextArea VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Auto">

<Paragraph> A RichTextArea with <Bold>initial content</Bold> in it. </Paragraph>


Here’s the C# code, which does the same thing as the above xaml.


private void ContentRTA()


//Create a new RichTextArea with its VerticalScrollBarVisibility property set to Auto.

RichTextArea MyRTA = new RichTextArea();

MyRTA.VerticalScrollBarVisibility = ScrollBarVisibility.Auto;

// Create a Run of plain text and some bold text.

Run myRun1 = new Run();

myRun1.Text = "A RichTextArea with ";

Bold myBold = new Bold();

myBold.Inlines.Add("initial content ");

Run myRun2 = new Run();

myRun2.Text = "in it.";

// Create a paragraph and add the Run and Bold to it.

Paragraph myParagraph = new Paragraph();




// Add the paragraph to the RichTextArea.


//Add the RichTextArea to the StackPanel.



For more details , samples and VB code see RichTextArea reference and the RichTextArea Overview topics.


Comments (1)

  1. Thomas Claudius Huber says:

    Hi there,

    i think the RichTextArea is a great control. Glad to see some classes from WPF, even if there’s just one Block-Subclass yet. 🙂

    One simple question: Silverlight 4 Beta’s TextBlock doesn’t support the Inlines Hyperlink and InlineUIContainer. Will the TextBlock support those in the final Silverlight 4 release?

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