Peeps love Silverlight too!

Okay—this entry is strictly for laughs so I apologize to anyone expecting some code examples or useful tips or tricks. Yesterday, my coworker Margaret and I took 2nd place in a little Peeps art contest held here at work. I thought you might enjoy pictures of our 2nd place entry, “Peeps Developers Conference”.

This first picture shows the crowd watching the keynote and a second shot of Scott Peepsrie giving his keynote talk.

PIC-0032    IMG_3575_JPG

And finally, a couple shots of the crowd…




IMG_3576_JPG IMG_3577_JPG

Now back to our regular programming (pun intended).


Comments (2)

  1. tmorton says:

    Pink chicks, red shirt, image on the big screen…LOL!  This is classic, love it! 😀  

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