Check out the great new Silverlight controls and themes!

I am sure you know that the Silverlight 2 release included new controls such as ComboBox and PasswordBox. However, you might have wondered where the tree control or additional layout controls are. If you need these controls and don't have time to develop them yourself, check out the set of controls and themes released today in the Silverlight Toolkit on CodePlex.

The controls are being developed in an iterative fashion and are ranked on their stability. Currently, in the "Stable" band you can find great layout controls such as the WrapPanel and DockPanel. You can also find a TreeView and Label control in the stable band.

The "Preview" band offers charting features for displaying data in pie charts, bar charts and columns. In addition, you'll find controls such as a ViewBox and Expander.

Theme-wise you can find themes that emulate the Expression Dark and Light themes and some others.

This toolkit is developed by a great team; dedicated to acting on customer questions and feedback. The downloads include some basic documentation and can optionally  download samples and the unit tests for the code. I encourage you to Download the controls and themes and start playing with them today!

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