Where is the Silverlight content?

The content is there, but it turns out there is a little problem with filtering when you've integrated the Silverlight help into the Visual Studio help collection. If you set any filters for local help in Visual Studio, the Silverlight documentation is hidden. To ensure that the Silverlight documentation is visible, do the following:

· In the Table of Contents pane or Index pane, set Filtered by to "(unfiltered)".

· In the Search tab, set Language, Technology, and Content Type to "All".

This takes care of the problem and you should be able to find the Silverlight topics you need. We are working on getting this fixed for the next release.

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  1. In this issue: Tim Heuer, Pete Brown, Mike Taulty, NikhilKothari, Dan Wahlin, Laurence Moroney, Arturo

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