Silverlight tutorials you might not have seen

There have been some comments popping up that people want more tutorials and when checking the hit count on some of our pages, I noticed that many have barely seen the light of day.  So here are a few step-by-step topics you might want to check out.

How To: Create Dynamic XAML with LINQ to XML - shows how to dynamically create a TextBlock from an XElement object.

How To: Handle the Checked Event - shows how to handle the different CheckBox events.

Walkthrough: Binding to a Collection - shows how to bind a ListBox to a collection of objects using a DataTemplate.

Walkthrough: Calling JavaScript from Managed Code - shows how to invoke client script in your HTML from managed code.

How To: Perform Isolated Storage Tasks - shows various isolated storage tasks such as creating an isolated store, creating a file system, writing to a file and deleting a file.

When you see a title in the documentation that starts with "How To" or "Walkthrough," that's your cue to expect detailed instructions, heavy on the code, for performing a task.  You can find more of these types of topics in the Beta 2 documentation set and we're currently writing even more for the next doc update. In addition to the MSDN documentation, we have a variety of Quickstarts on  And don't forget, if you are looking for a topic and can't find it, let us know.  We're always taking suggestions for new content.



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