What’s new in Silverlight 2 Beta 2?

Silverlight 2 Beta 2 includes a number of incremental improvements based on customer feedback.   Changes include improvements to controls, templating, Deep Zoom, performance, further compatibility with WPF, and much more.  For a full list of changes, see below:

Note: If you want to see a list of breaking changes between Beta 1 and Beta 2 go here.

·          Animation
1.       Support for animating custom data points
2.       Object Animation support (animating structs)

·          DeepZoom
1.        New file format completely XML based. Also, there will be a new Deep Zoom Composer tool that will allow you to create these new file types.
2.        MultiScaleTileSource  (implement a tile source to existing tile databases)
3.        Better notifications when sub-images enter the view

·          Controls
1.       New TabControl
2.       DataGrid improvements: Autosize, Reorder, Sort, Performance increase, and more
3.       Calendar now supports multi-selection and blackout dates
4.       Improved Templating Model: Visual State Manager
5.       Control properties changes (Background, Tooltip, FontFamily, FontSize…)
6.       Including controls in the runtime instead of having them packaged in app package

·          TextBox
1.       IME Level 3 input support on Windows and Level 1 on Mac
2.       Text wrapping and multiline selection highlighting in textbox
3.       Scrollbar Support
4.       Document Level Navigation keys

·          Improvements in error handling, reporting

·          Property System/Parser
1.       DependencyProperty.Register/RegisterAttached now supports PropertyMetadata
2.       DependencyObject.ClearValue
3.       Visual Tree Helper

·          Data Binding
1.       Per-binding level validation
2.       Support for element syntax for binding markup extension
3.       Binding to Attached Properties
4.       ItemsControl Extensibility (OnItemsChanged method)
5.       Fallback in Value Conversion (Binding.UnsetValue)

·          Input
1.       Limited keyboard support in FullScreen mode (arrow, tab, enter, home, end, pageup/pagedown, space)
2.       Managed APIs for Inking

·          Networking and Data
1.       Cross Domain support in Sockets
2.       Cross Domain security enhancements
3.       BrowserHttpWebRequest and WebClient callable from BackGround Threads
4.       Upload support for WebClient
5.       UI for isolated storage (ability to change quota)
6.       Duplex communications (“push” from Server to Silverlight client)
7.       LINQ-to-JSON
8.       Configuration support for web service proxies
9.       Significantly improved SOAP interop
10.   “Add New Item” template in Visual Studio for “Silverlight-enabled WCF Service”
11.   ADO.NET Data Services support

·          UIAutomation and Accessibility support in platform

·          Media
1.       Platform support for Adaptive streaming
2.       Silverlight DRM, Powered by PlayReady
3.       Basic SSPL support

·          Localization
1.        Changes in application model for multilingual apps (one xap per supported locale)
2.        Expanded localization languages of runtime and SDK
Japanese SDK Installer and documentation (July 17)

·          Several changes for WPF compatibility

·          Remote Debugging for VB on Mac

·          CLR
1.        Developer Runtime Package facilitate development (localized strings, debugging binaries, etc)
2.        Support the OS fallback logic for resources
3.        CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture Isolation

·          DLR
1.        Performance improvements
2.        Various new DLR and IronPython 2.0 Beta 2 language features
3.        Various new IronRuby Features


David Pugmire
Product Manager - Silverlight

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  1. samcov says:

    I’m a bit shocked.  No attempt to get even rudimentary rich text, while leaving a space for 3rd party support, is a bit baffling.

    Having said that, it looks like a lot of bug fixes in what is a VERY conservative release, which is probably wise considering that stability and correct operation is paramount at this time.

    Still I’m a bit dissapointed, but I’ll get over it.

  2. samcov says:

    One other thing.

    I think the inclusion of the TabControl is HUGE!!!

    Having that simple control solves a whole host of, well, not problems, but situations that would require a lot more code and design work… Thanks!

  3. BruceDenham says:

    From a UX perspective, VSM is a great addition. But I’m a bit disappointed that there is still no ComboBox. This is such a fundamental control. I don’t understand why it’s not yet available, which leads me to a brief commentary.

    My concern for the development of Silverlight is that I don’t see enough hardcore work on the UI controls yet. The default styles for the existing controls are also a bit garish. Not enough attention is being paid to creating crisp edges, thin lines, and simple, elegant gradients. But that’s just an opinion driven by an aesthetic sensibility where less is always more.

    The message I really want to impart is this: What Silverlight needs (sooner rather than later) is more controls with polished default styling.

    Having said all this, I do understand the importance of spending development hours on the fundamental framework on top of which the controls sit. And I completely understand the necessity and the difficulty of getting the fundamentals solid before you write a bunch of controls.

    But for Silverlight’s sake, I want to make sure that the importance of building polished controls is critical for winning the hearts and minds of Flex designers/developers, assuming that’s important to the Microsoft and the Silverlight team.

    There’s a lot of great stuff here guys. Keep moving forward!


  4. Driebier.net says:

    Silverlight 2.0 beta 2 is coming this week

  5. Page Brooks says:

    Silverlight 2 Beta 2 – The Full List of Changes

  6. karl1406 says:

    Can you please blog on the recommended setup with respect to tools.

    Which version of Blend to use?

    Should we install Visual Studio 2008 Beta SP1?

    Can you please include order in which the releases need to be installed and which current software on our systems should be removed.

    Thank you!


    MVP – Client App Dev

  7. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

  8. . says:

    I will post more detailed information once it is available for download.  But for now you can watch

  9. JohnPapa.net says:

    There is a great list of all of the new features in Silverlight 2 beta 2 at this link . The release is supposed to be out this week, which would be today or tomorrow, one would hope. A few highlights from that post that caught my eye: The Visual State

  10. 미리 예고된대로 Silvelright 2 베타 2 다운로드가 공개되었습니다. 다음의 링크로 직접 가셔서 설치하실 수 있습니다: Microsoft Silverlight Light Up

  11. Oh, yes! 🙂 Install tools and runtime from here: http://silverlight.net/GetStarted/ There are too many

  12. Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 Released Ok, as usual let’s start with the download: For the Browser here’s the

  13. Confira agora mesmo uma lista de funcionalidades presentes na nova versão do Silverlight que entra em

  14. beqiraj.net says:

    Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is Now Available

  15. beqiraj.net says:

    Silverlight Tools Beta 2 for Visual Studio 2008 is Now Available

  16. beqiraj.net says:

    Silverlight 2 Software Development Kit Beta 2 is Now Available

  17. Julio Casal says:

    Tal como lo comenta Scott Guthrie , el día de ayer fue liberada la Beta 2 de Silverlight 2 y, con ella se incorporan una serie de nuevas características y algunos cambios. Aquí les copio la lista de todo lo nuevo que se incluye en la Beta 2 según lo indica

  18. Julio Casal says:

    Tal como lo comenta Scott Guthrie , el día de ayer fue liberada la Beta 2 de Silverlight 2 y, con ella

  19. Silverilght 2.0 Beta 2 released

  20. pmalik says:

    The Visual State Manager is a useful addition.

    Any idea when we can expect a new set of UI controls e.g. dropdowns and masked textboxes? Is wsHttpBinding now supported?

    Also, will we see an SL equivalent of the Ajax Sys.Services.AuthenticationService in a future release?

  21. Anonymous says:

    by Don Burnett I keep hearing of people doing scary things with Silverlight version 2 betas like deploying beta 1 application, then installing beta 2 and expecting it not to break.. Well most people who do have "broken" applications can rest assured there’s

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  23. Percorso formativo in italiano Aggiornamento del percorso formativo su Silverlight 2, ecco i link diretti,

  24. Updated 18/7/2008 Percorso formativo in italiano Aggiornamento del percorso formativo su Silverlight

  25. MerrillMarie says:

    can you give me a location for some documentation on data grids?


  26. beqiraj.net says:

    Silverlight 2 Beta 2 is Now Available

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