Silverlight v1.0 Upgrade Released

Last week the Silverlight team deployed the first GDR to v1.0 of Silverlight. 

 Silverlight 1.0 GDR1 Release Enhancements

·         Improved media performance: Fixed VideoBrush to redraw only when needed. Optimized stretch algorithms for video present. Optimized video codepath for A/V sync.

·         Enhanced Font Support

·         Improved compatibility with Safari 3.0  

·         Additional proxy support for streaming media sent on port number other than port 80 

·         Support for inline XAML in Silverlight 1.0 programming on Firefox and Safari

·         Support http redirect within Image and Media element

·         Fixed bug: Mac Firefox crash

·         Fixed bug: Download error with SQL2008 site

·         Fixed bug: Silverlight plug-in will now log accurate information to Windows Media Servers in streaming scenarios. The supported logging fields by Silverlight are documented in the Silverlight SDK. 

·         Fixed bug: Silverlight installer failed to upgrade when run in quiet mode

·         Fixed bug: suppress unnecessary alerts during auto-update

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