Using Silverlight Pad to Test XAML Content

(Edit note: this was a REALLY old post, at least for how fast the Silverlight client has been developed! Normally we leave old posts as-is. But we don't want people falling into this one as the tool it refers to no longer exists and no longer works even if you could find it. It used to refer to a tool called SilverlightPad. That tool is no longer viable, and is superceded by much more robust tool support in Visual Studio or other places. Also, the basic metaphor of saving to a file is not allowed in the default sandbox approach.)

There is a third party tool called KaXaml that now has Silverlight support at a beta level. KaXaml fills the quick-and-dirty-tool void left by "XamlPad" for both WPF and Silverlight authors, and thus is quite helpful for running XAML you've snipped out of the Silverlight SDK examples. Check it out at

Silverlight SDK Team

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    As Silverlight and WPF adoption widens the interest by many development houses in having design deliverables

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