Downloading Fonts Using the Downloader Object

The Downloader object is a special-purpose Silverlight object that provides the ability to download application data, including fonts. You can download either a single font, or a collection of fonts that are contained within a package, such as a Zip file.

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  1. slyi says:

    Hi Lorin,

               Thanks for a great example its exactly what im looking for. Can you point me to any samples for international, as the text and fonts section dont mention asian or bidi font use?



  2. wpfedevcon says:

    Glad you found this useful.

    The TextBlock element does not support East Asian, BIDI or Complex script languages in version 1.0. For more info, see the "Globalization and Localization" section in the Silverlight FAQ:

    Also, see the "Silverlight and Unicode" forum thread:



  3. slyi says:

    I got some JA-JP charactors working see

    I found that textblock supports displaying WPS odttf files (obfuscated subsetted font files).

    BTW: Create an word doc with east asian text and print to xps. If you rename the xps to .zip and open it, you can extract the odttf files and reference them in your downloader object.

    Why is this not documented yet? Is it not supported?

  4. wpfedevcon says:

    See the reply to this comment in the DLR doesn’t support UTF-8? posting on the Silverlight forum.


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  7. wiennat says:

    หลังจากที่ Silverlight 1.0 ออกมาแล้ว 11 เดือนก็ยังไม่ได้เคยลองเอามาใช้แบบจริงๆจังๆซักที จะมีลองเล่นๆก

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