D2D scenario : Developer Environment

This scenario is typically used in development phase when you are building a Silverlight rich client that connects to new business Logic. It is mandatory that the business logic is new to ensure you have enough control to enforce a configuration where the Site Of Origin and the Services Host reside on the same node….


Silverlight scenarios for Rich Internet Applications

From the architecture described in the previous post a cup of Silverlight, a drop of Architecture, you may experience several technical requirements : Infrastructure Security DMZ (if the application is internet facing), Secured transport (HTTPS) if private communication has to be enforced (Mandatory in B2B and B2C environments) Application Security Authentication may be Form, Windows…


A cup of Silverlight, a drop of Architecture

We discussed before what Silverlight is about from a technical standpoint. Moving from theory to implementation, let’s discuss today the architectural challenges when building a Silverlight App. The following considerations apply to Siliverlight 2 beta 2 (current version of Silverlight as of July 2008) : A SilverLight app runs locally in the browser which renders…


Silverlight from a technical stand point

We have good news : everything you learnt about the Web applies to Silverlight development since Silverlight is an ActiveX which integrates with the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript both ways (ie, a Silverlight component can be exposed to JavaScript, and some Silverlight Business Logic can call Javascript). A Silverlight application comes as…


A few things you may already know about Silverlight

Silverlight is a client technology which takes the Web to the next stage in terms of user experience. Silverlight may be used to deliver Rich Media Experiences or Rich Internet Applications on the Web. V1 of Silverlight focused on Media, V2 focuses on RIA. All you need to run Silverlight applications is a Web Browser…


About a Cup of Silverlight

Silverlight is a terrific platform to build Rich Internet Applications. Yet, there is little practice on the Web to integrate the technology with others platforms. The authors have good knowledge of the .Net and Java world to help you get the best of each. You’re a Java buddy : let us take you on the…