More Silverlight, Less Steve

I am leaving Microsoft France to start a new adventure. You may contact my architect collegues to discuss interoperability : Thomas Conté and Xavier Warzee.


Eclipse4SL : M2 released + REST and SOAP Guidance

The Eclipse Tools for Silverlight enter year 2009 after achieving its 2008 commitments ! First of all, SOYATEC did a great job at correcting more than 30 bugs (and 200 unit tests to ensure first quality) but also at enhancing the plug-in to provide a better support for Silverlight (improvement of the XAML editor, support…


PDC2008 : Silverlight on its way to address Business Apps

Last week at PDC 2008, Jamie Cool demonstrated some very cool work under progress at Microsoft, to deliver a first class development experience for people looking forward to build Business Applications on top of Silverlight. If you started working on business apps, you miss several capabilities with the current version of Silverlight : see yellow…


Architecture Series – Pure and Mixed configurations

This is the first article in an Architecture Series dealing with technical options taken for the Eclipse Tools for Silverlight. Future articles will focus on the XAML rendering architecture, the Eclipse extension points as well as the “MSBuild” project structure preservation option that was taken to allow the back and forth loop. In the very…


Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight 2 is Released to Web (RTW). This is great news for our RIA scenarios. But wait, there’s more. Microsoft announced the launch of the Eclipse Tools for Microsoft Silverlight ( an opensource project lead by Soyatec and funded by Microsoft. Here is what the eclipse4SL Team Blog states : The purpose of this project…


eclipse4SL : “DataGrid” Tutorial

Duration 20 minutes Description This tutorial demonstrates how to populate a DataGrid with dynamic data. When you press the Load Button, the DataGrid will be filled in, and eventually filtered if a filter has been specified. A pdf version of this tutorial is attached at the end of this post and accessible here. Prerequisites After…


eclipse4SL : “Hello World” Tutorial

Duration 30 minutes Description This tutorial is inspired from Scott Guthrie Silverlight 2 Series, adapted from Visual Studio to the eclipse4SL environment. A pdf version of the tutorial is attached at the end of this post and accessible here. Prerequisites After installing eclipse4SL, activate the Silverlight perspective by selecting one of them from the menu…


Tip : Add XAP Mime-Type in Tomcat and IIS 5.1

Mime-Type are used to provide identifiers for file formats on the Internet. By default, XAP files are not recognized as a Silverlight application in Tomcat or IIS 5.1. You can set a Mime-Type to identify XAP files on both servers. Setting Mime-Type in Tomcat in %TOMCAT_INSTALL%/conf directory, edit web.xml file. Add the following description to…


How-To : Silverlight accessing Java SOAP services (Part 2 – No Cross Domain : Tomcat/Eclipse)

The HowTo series demo Silverlight accessing Web Services in various configuration. In this post, we will demonstrate you a SOAP service consumed by a Silverlight client application where the Site of Origin hosts the Web Services. This scenario is categorized as a D2D scenario without cross-domain policy. The SOAP service Eclipse project and the Silverlight…


Tip : Serving JSPs and Servlets from IIS through Tomcat

This tip is about making IIS as a front end to Tomcat hosting Servlets and JSPs on the back end. This architecture allows the hosting of JAX-WS or Restlet services in Tomcat while Silverlight clients are hosted in IIS without facing cross-domain issues. The configuration files and the connector (isapi_redirect.dll) are available as an attachment…