Metro style applications – designing for the user

It has been months since Windows 8 is available for developers and the need for new applications is growing in a fast pace.

And nothing is more exacting than a computer user in 21st century. It’s quite difficult to build the right application, moreover – it’s even more difficult to stay on top and not to be, metaphorically, stepped over by the big players. They always know what exactly the user wants and have the resources to provide it to him. But that’s not always what has to happen after all.

You have the power to build what the user wants and even build it so that s/he would feel it so natural to use your Metro application. That is to design the application in a way that using the fingers on the display seems to be a pleasure, but not a challenge.

Okay, let’s make our Metro applications look great!

Designing the Metro application is different from designing the common and straightforward desktop application. Obviously, using fingers on touch instead of mouse cursor is a big difference. And the Metro style applications will soon become the mainstream.

Here you can find design assets for creating great Metro application mock-ups. The download contains layered PhotoShop files representing common controls and components, project layouts and templates.

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