Telerik XAML Q3’11 Beta Controls Walkthroughs

Silverlight Show has three new articles that provide a  complete walkthrough on the Telerik XAML Q3’11 Beta controls.

  • Introducing RadBarCode - Telerik XAML Q3'11 Beta - Walkthrough (Part 1 of 3) written by Michael Crump (@mbcrump) 
    RadBarcode allows you to accurately track your physical products with native high-quality vector-based images that follow the most popular and widely-adopted barcode symbologies.
  • Introducing RadVirtualizingWrapPanel - Telerik XAML Q3'11 Beta - Walkthrough (Part 2 of 3) -  - Author: Michael Crump (@mbcrump)
    RadVirtualizingWrapPanel boosts the performance of your ListBox/ListView when binding to a large amount of data. The control generates only the visible items and positions them in sequential order from left to right and top to bottom, breaking the content to the next line at the edge of its containing box.
  • Introducing RadChartingKit - Telerik XAML Q3'11 Beta - Walkthrough (Part 3 of 3) -  - Author: Evan Hutnick (@evanhutnick)
    RadChartingKit is a fast, versatile, and highly optimized charting solution that works across platforms and lives up to the Telerik XAML standard of maintaining the same code-base and API while providing powerful cross-platform charting.
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