Silverlight Show Webinar: ‘Secure and Personalize Your Silverlight App with WCF RIA Services’ by Brian Noyes

Silverlight Webinar: In this episode of Silverlight Show, Brian Noyes explains how to secure both the server and client sides of your application. He demonstrates how your Silverlight application can joinclip_image002_6b1a586c-a306-42ce-824d-2ce0f9671eff a secure session of a hosting web site or set up its own security context by logging in the user from the app. Next Brian goes onto how to use a RIA Services authentication domain service even if you are not using any other features of RIA services to perform user authentication and get roles and identity information back to the client to perform client side authorization such as disabling features based on the rights of the individual user. Finally, the webinar explains how to add user-specific settings and preferences and have easy access to those on the client side and persistence on the server side.

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