Silverlight Show: Recording of webinar ‘Switching on the Cloud for Silverlight’ by Gill Cleeren

Silverlight Webinar: In this episode of Silverlight Show, Microsoft Regional Director Gill Cleeren presents 'Switching on the Cloud for Silverlight'. In this recorded webinar Gill discusses the following topics:

1. Parts of Windows Azure

2. Why does a Silverlight developer need to care?

3. Developing for Windows Azure

· Required tools

· Emulators (“local cloud”)clip_image002[4]_1

· Azure Portal

4. Moving Silverlight applications to the cloud

· Database only



· Entire Silverlight applications

· RIA Services

· Azure as intermediate layer for Twitter

5. Using blob storage

· Silverlight/Azure video player

6. Windows Phone and Azure

· Accessing services in the cloud

· WP7 Push Notification services

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