Expression Encoder 4 with GPU acceleration

Expression Encoder 4 Pro is a streamlined video production tool that enables you to focus your time and energy on enhancing, encoding and delivering your on-demand or live video content at higher quality with less effort. Expression Encoder Pro supports IIS Smooth Streaming, a technology that dynamically adjusts playback rates and quality, and today is the most affordable IIS Live Smooth Streaming solution on the market, delivering hardware performance for a software price. It allows you to publish H.264 or VC-1 content, broadcast live events, and capture screencasts of any length.

Today’s release of the Expression Encoder 4 Service Pack 1 (SP1) can accelerate the encoding process and radically increase the number of streams your PC is capable of delivering through support for NVIDIA CUDA-accelerated GPUs. To help you achieve the highest quality results, two new resources are available. Our latest whitepaper includes step-by-step guidelines and best practices on GPU encoding with Expression Encoder Pro to help you maximize your video performance, and a separate report providing comparisons of recommended PC configurations and associated performance numbers will enable you to make informed hardware choices.

In addition to GPU encoding, SP1 provides support for live broadcasts of screen captures, caption updates, improved de-interlacing options, DRM content keys, HE-AAC codec support, live push/pull, and Windows Phone 7 presets. It also includes live broadcast Silverlight media player templates, as well as bug fixes and stability enhancements. For more information, please visit the Expression Encoder website, the Expression Encoder forum, and the Expression Encoder blog.

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