Silverlight Top 10 of 2010, A Year in Review

For the Silverlight team, 2010 was a year when lots of hard work came to fruition. We launched Silverlight v4, announced 5, went mobile, went social and delivered transformative media experiences around the world. Here’s our list of Top 10 Silverlight happenings from 2010. If we’ve missed anything, please leave us a note in the comments.


SilverlightTV_thumb10. Silverlight TV launches

We began the year with you, our community of developers, in mind with the launch of Silverlight TV. Each week, John Papa provided a behind the scenes look at the developments of the Silverlight product team and showcased how Silverlight is solving real world developer challenges.



9. Microsoft Silverlight 4 Client for Facebook

In January, Facebook announced that it was opening up its API to third-party developers. Shortly thereafter, we released our Facebook client for free on Windows and Mac, showcasing a sophisticated display of events, messages and pictures.


Silverlight%204_thumb8. Silverlight 4!

Silverlight 4 launched with powerful features for creating rich experiences including full trust Out of browser, printing, webcam and microphone support, and RichText edit control.


Boxing%20Gloves%20for%20Silverlight%20v_%20Flash_thumb7. Silverlight vs. Flash and Flex

InfoWorld chose Silverlight over Flash and Flex for superior development environment demonstrated by Silverlight 4’s tools such as Expression Blend and integration into Visual Studio 2010.


SNF_thumb6. Transformative Media Experiences

It was the year for sports brought to you by Silverlight.  Sunday Night Football, the US Open, the Roland-Garros French Open, Wimbledon, the Winter Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup(to name a few) reached fans worldwide via Silverlight featuring HD quality video, live Smooth Streaming, and DVR functionality.


Expression_thumb_15. Expression Studio4

In June, Expression Studio 4 became widely available, featuring upgraded versions of Expression Blend (including Sketchflow), Expression Encoder, Expression Web (including SuperPreview) and Expression Design.


Lightswitch_thumb4. Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™

In August, Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ was released, giving users a simpler and faster way to create professional Silverlight business applications for the desktop, Web and cloud.


image_thumb_13. Windows Phone 7

At the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) 2010, Windows Phone 7 launched with Silverlight as the application development platform, supporting core Silverlight capabilities, including high quality video and audio, IIS Smooth Streaming, Deep Zoom and animation.



Firestarter_thumb2. Silverlight Firestarter

Last month, over 400,000 people worldwide watched the December 2nd Silverlight Firestarter where Scott Guthrie announced Silverlight 5 touting support for 3D animation, Project Crescent and over 40 improvements for building media and line of business applications.


Community_thumb1. One Million Silverlight Developers

By the end of 2010, our community of Silverlight developers and designers grew to 1 million. We thank you and look forward to another year of great technological innovation and community!

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