Silverlight TV 54: New Silverlight Training Series

In this week’s episode of Silverlight TV, John Papa sits down with Dan Wahlin, of Wahlin Consulting and Silverlight consultant Corey Schuman, to discuss an eleven lab series Corey and Dan put together for the Silverlight Firestarter. The series is designed for developers interested in Silverlight applications and provides a solid framework for building business applications and creating great user experiences.

Each lab is accompanied by a video walk-through that teaches developers with different skill sets, Silverlight%20TV_thumb_2such as and winforms, how to move to a Silverlight environment. The labs address similarities and differences between Silverlight and other technical environments and begin with Silverlight fundamentals like XAML controls, how to do Data binding and provide tips and tricks for building out of browser applications. The series then moves into more advanced topics like MVVM, RIA Services and building business applications for Windows Phone 7. If you are a developer interested in building Silverlight business applications, be sure to check out this brand new training series.

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