Kung Fu Silverlight at PDC 2010: Patterns and Practices with MVVM and RIA Services


Today you can watch John Papa's PDC 2010 session titled “Kung Fu Silverlight: Tips and Architectural Patterns and Practices." Here is the summary of the session:

Learn about the rewards of using RIA Services together with development patterns, such as the Service Providers, Single Responsibility pattern, Commanding, user Interactions, Messaging, ChildWindows, Design Time Data, Testing, and developing using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, to build Silverlight and Windows Phone applications. Hear the top tips you need to know for building data driven Silverlight applications that solve real world problems.

The session covers quite a bit, and John plans on expanding on these topics in the near future on Silverlight TV and at the Silverlight Firestarter on Dec 2, 2010. The point he tries to get across in this session is that you can build a Silverlight application using consistent patterns without having to be a rocket scientist. He demonstrates many of the common patterns used with Silverlight applications and shows both how to use them and also why they are helpful/important.

The full deck is available online here, and the full source demo source code here. Also, you can follow John on Twitter.

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