Silverlight TV Episode Featuring SketchFlow

How hard do you think it would be to increase your pitch to win ratio by 70% ? Anvil Digital, has done just that since introducing SketchFlow, a prototyping tool, to their workflow. sketchflow_scn_thumb

An interactive SketchFlow prototype really helped to engage prospective clients and enable them to better understand the concepts that were being presented. Development time was cut on average by 40% through SketchFlow’s ability to uncover UX problems early in the development process, when issues are both quick and easy to fix. SketchFlow enabled Anvil Digital to create a common language between project stakeholders, reducing miscommunication and allowing them to get their ideas to market faster.

Not sure where to start? The latest episode of Silverlight TV teams Janet Perez with John Papa to demonstrate how SketchFlow, a rapid prototyping tool, enables you to explore ideas and concepts quickly during the application design process without having to excessively invest in either time or resources: Silverlight TV 48: Creating Rich Interactive Prototypes with Sketchflow - Part 1

If you’re short on time then why not watch the program later and instead get the basics in just 90 seconds with this SketchFlow overview.The trial version of SketchFlow can be found here as well.

SketchFlow is available today as part of Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, and we have an offer for our Partners who are using Expression Studio 4 Premium. You can upgrade from Expression Studio 4 Premium to Expression Studio 4 Ultimate for the suggested retail price of $199.

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