Silverlight PivotViewer Control is Here!

Many of you have been waiting in anticipation for the Silverlight PivotViewer to build collections and embed them on your website, and today this control is available to Silverlight developers.

PivotViewer truly revolutionizes the way that we visualize and navigate information. Because PivotViewer leverages Deep Zoom, it displays full, high-resolution content without long load times, while the animations and natural transitions provide context and prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by large quantities of information. This simple interaction model encourages exploration and longer audience engagement times, across a wide array of business model opportunities such as advertising, online retail experience and more.

There are also multiple usage scenarios for PivotViewer, including business intelligence, intranet navigation, living info graphics, academic research, retail storefronts, image galleries and social networking. Even more is possible when you add your distinct content and imagination to the mix. In addition, the Silverlight PivotViewer Control enables the PivotViewer experience on a variety of browsers and operating systems currently supported by Silverlight.

You can begin building your own collections today. Visit to get the PivotViewer download and all the documentation you need to get started. Don’t forget to post a link on our PivotViewer community forum and share with us the collections you build.

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