Top Uruguay news organization delivers real-time national election results with Silverlight


Did you know that in the country of Uruguay, voting is compulsory for the country’s 2.5 million registered voters? As you can imagine, Uruguay’s national elections become tremendous news events, and for the 2009 elections, Radio El Espectador, one of the country’s oldest, most respected and high ranking news outlets, began searching for a new and engaging experience for the election coverage on its Web site, was looking for a solution that would attract more visitors by providing up to date and in-depth candidate profiles, election news and results. In addition, was looking to achieve a higher level of user engagement on the site to make it more attractive to advertisers. Working with Montevideo-based Microsoft Certified Partner Innicia,, created a Silverlight application to graphically display and track real-time election results throughout the primaries and two rounds of presidential elections.

The application evolved over three iterations in six months and Innicia incorporated advanced Silverlight features such as out of browser, perspective 3D graphics, animation, text and element to element binding into the application. By implementing these features, provided a richer, more immersive experience than a regular HTML application, virtually eliminating wait times and providing users with instant access to updated election graphics, data and visuals. As a result, the application received more than 148,000 downloads throughout the six month national election process.

Uruguay is now preparing for its regional elections and, once again, is using Silverlight to bring all the stats, personalities and stories to the voters. You can experience the ‘Municipales2010’ for yourself at, and you can read more about how Radio El Espectador and Innicia used Silverlight in the case study.


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