Demos not to miss next week at NAB: 3D video in Silverlight! 1080p H.264 running on a Netbook!

Yesterday we announced our news for NAB next week in Las Vegas. Today we wanted to point out some other cool experiences to check out in Las Vegas. First we are showing the industry’s most exciting demo of live 3D HD streaming using IIS Smooth Streaming and Silverlight. Content is coming from Germany from TVN, encoded by an Inlet encoder and then delivered via Level 3.

There will be two technology previews shown. The first one will use the Silverlight player to decode the 3D content and dynamically apply anaglyph (red-cyan) transformations to the video. The video will play back on a conventional display using red-cyan glasses. The 2nd demo will use Silverlight to play the video without transformation and output to a Panasonic 3D plasma display. THX Media Director was instrumental in making the 2nd demo possible. Here is a diagram of the demo flow:


The interest in 3D delivery for movie experiences is just beginning and Silverlight with Smooth Streaming is well positioned to help drive these experiences to the next level.

Additionally, we are previewing 1080p H.264 playback on an Intel Atom-based Netbook using hardware accelerated decoding. The video looks gorgeous thanks to the hardware acceleration support in Silverlight and the built in ION GPU. Also, stay tuned next week, where we’ll be announcing even more amazing things happening at NAB. See you there at Booth #SL220.

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