Microsoft Silverlight Recap at NAB 2010

Today we announced many exciting new developments for the media industry with Silverlight and IIS Media Services, just in time for the National Association of Broadcasters Conference (NAB) happening next week in Las Vegas. We announced plans to work with Broadcom and Intel to bring full featured versions of Microsoft Silverlight to their Systems-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions. This will enable manufacturers of set-top-boxes, connected TVs, Blu-ray players and other consumer devices to deliver full Silverlight experiences, including support for adaptive streaming, DRM, and DVR-like capabilities. If you’re at NAB, come see the great demos we will feature next week on TVs and other living-room devices.

We also announced a preview of Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services 4.0. Microsoft has driven tons of innovation with HTTP streaming over the past two years, and this week we further extending out lead, by previewing support for H.264 Smooth Streaming with PlayReady DRM (which adds to the existing DRM support for VC-1), support for “Smooth Multicast” which enables delivery of Smooth Streaming over multicast networks, a server-side framework which enables the IIS server to convert from the Smooth Streaming format into other formats such Apple’s HTTP streaming (for delivery to iPhones and iPads, which you can check out at, and new support for low-latency delivery (which is super important in streaming of financial data for instance).

In addition, we have made great strides in making it easier for content owners and broadcasters to create Silverlight media experiences. We announced the Silverlight Media Framework 2.0, a solution for creating advanced media players with almost no coding. Think of it as an open-source version of the player used at the Olympics recently used by NBC, NRK and CTV (and many others before that) and you get it for free to kick-start your Silverlight media experiences. Pretty cool.

Also we released the Silverlight Analytics Framework, which makes it easy to integrate business intelligence analytics into Silverlight applications. With Silverlight penetration worldwide approaching 60%, Silverlight continues to take off in the market. Top companies like Eurosport, NOS, RAI, France Televisions, Major League Soccer and many others have are all now using Silverlight. There are a bunch of other amazing experiences we are showing at NAB. Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime see you next week at Booth #SL 220 (right at the very front of South Hall).

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